Beer For My Horses

At the end of a long ride, you and your horse both deserve a nice cold beer.

Strydor's Stout

This coffee-like stout will finish with the smooth taste of oatmeal and a hint of dark chocolate. Tastes much lighter than it looks and has a complex flavor with a dry smooth finish. A great beer for both you and your noble steed. 

The BFMH line of quality beer was inspired by (and named after) Denay's horse, Strydor and his love of beer. Beer can be a tasty treat for all horses, but Denay noticed that Strydor liked it more than your average horse. 

Find yourself a Strydor's Stout here and crack one open. We think you'll love it as much as Strydor does. Maybe more!

Denay and Strydor remind you to always drink (and ride) responsibly!